Friday, May 24, 2013

The Plant Sale and Greenup

Just a quick note on the 5th Annual Plant Sale.  I will be out at the gravel pit at 1 mile Murphy Dome Rd Starting next weekend (June 1 and 2).  I will be out there from 2pm to 7pm.  I may be out there earlier.  I won't have the large selection I've had in the past.  Selection will be limited to Lobelia, Columbines, nasturtiums, squash, tomato, and (maybe later) pepper plants.  Prices will be reduced - $2 for a 6-pack and 75cents/$1 for 3 inch pots.  I will also have a few peonies to sell - at last year's price of $8 each.  Everything must go, as I won't have room to grow anything this year.  Watch for some fruit later this summer, however!

I've been studying for a comprehensive exam for a master's degree and haven't been able to put in the time.

I cruised through the farm this morning and I saw several varieties already leafing out!  Black currants, serviceberries, haskaps, and cherry trees are all showing green buds.  Everything has been delayed due to a winter that just wouldn't end - even the birch trees, which are just starting to push green buds.  It is hard to believe it was only 15F last Sunday.  Now we're headed toward the upper 60s and afternoon rain showers.  Summer has arrived!!!!!

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