Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ahh, fruits of my labor

I sampled some tasty strawberries last night! Hecker variety - a little later than Quinalts, but I don't have any of those this year. 

Looks like the serviceberries are not quite ripe yet (picture above).  I was surprised to see a Cascade Delight raspberry turning red already (first picture below), before everything but the Lathams (second picture below).  CD is supposed to be a mid-to-late season variety in the Lower 48.  Go figure.  I got to taste two of the CDs last year and WOW were they wonderful. I hope they taste the same this year, as conditions are quite different.

And then there are the real surprises - Cumberland black raspberries.  That is what the package said last year when I bought them.  However, they are not supposed to be hardy below -5F.  Anyway, here is a picture of one starting to turn color.

The blog wouldn't be complete without a picture of Chica - taken two months ago. Enjoy!

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