Friday, July 20, 2012

First harvests

I was just wandering the farm and noticed several strawberries and serviceberries that are nearly ripe. Looks like I will have some berries soon!  Raspberries are still a few weeks away, although the Latham are starting to color up.  It will be a while before I have any vegetables to offer - and then they will be very limited.
  With all the activity on the farm this summer, I haven't had much time to plant vegetables.  On the other hand, the delay in repotting my seedlings has shown that beans do much better in a greenhouse at my elevation (1500ft).  I have always planted them in my raised beds and watched them produce beans that looked anemic (not to mention pitiful looking leaves).  This year, they are still in the greenhouse and the leaves are a vibrant green.  Really healthy looking plants.
  As far as "produce" goes this year, don't expect me at the Jennifer Dr. gravel pit any time soon.  I won't get enough fruit off my berries for more than a pie or two and I want to donate one to the "Fun for Food" event that the Co-op Market has planned for November.  With any luck, next year it will be a blackberry pie (fresh 'Alaska grown' blackberries, now wouldn't that be a treat!)
  Well, gotta go . . . it's not raining right now!

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