Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gardening Workshop a Big Success!!!

  A big thanks to everyone who attended tonight's gardening workshop!  The 20+ of us had a lively discussion about gardening in interior Alaska, participated in the construction of a raised bed, and shared valuable information about growing different plants and combating pests and diseases.  The evening ended with a free raffle with prizes ranging from a raised bed frame ($150 value), a $25 gift certificate to Ann's Greenhouse, $5 of free plants or produce from Solitude Springs Farm, gardening gloves, and seeds.  Whew!
  I would also like to thank Linda Dolney from Ann's Greenhouse for her insight into gardening.  She was instrumental in answering a number of challenging questions from the workshop attendees.  She brought the $25 gift certificate for the raffle, as well.  Thanks so much, Ann's Greenhouse.
  Another big thanks goes to the Goldstream Valley Lion's Club who provided the use of the Ken Kunkel Community Center free of charge for this event!  This is another example of how committed our local Lion's Club is to promoting community events that can directly impact the lives of the Valley's residents.
  I hope to host other gardening workshops in the future.  Check our webpage or blog occasionally for updates.  And don't forget the Spring Plant Sale coming in May and June.  I will update the webpage as the time gets closer.  Until then, think happy summer thoughts!