Sunday, May 22, 2016

Plant sale and blackberries

We are wrapping up our second day of plant sales. We will be out again next Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. Not sure if we will have anything left after that. There are boxes of peonies and fruiting bushes under the house to put in the ground ASAP and we'll be doing that next weekend, as well.
  On a different note, our blackberries survived the mild winter quite well and, other than some damage from moose, have over 50% survival of the canes. For example, several Wild Treasure canes are successfully leafing out more than 6 feet from the base. The first flower buds appeared this week. Hopefully they will start opening around June 1st. With nodes every 3 inches and 8 to 15 berries from each node that is . . . a lot of berries! Black Diamond, Marionberry, and Silvan all look good so far, as well. Stenulson also did very well and was not bothered by moose or voles. It has had flower buds showing for two weeks, but they have yet to open. While we probably won't have enough to sell, we will be making wine (to share at the next VitiNord conference) and will likely have some to sample at the dedication ceremony in August. Stay tuned for more info on that event.
  Time to pack up and go home.