Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Spring (and a gardening workshop) is just around the corner!!!

The first seed packets have just arrived in the stores.  Before you know it, it will be planting time!  Here at the farm we are busy ordering plants and preparing to starting seedlings.  We are itching for greenery, to say the least.  A quick walk around the lot last week indicated that things are doing well so far this winter.  No noticeable winter dieback.  However, we have seen mild temperatures for several days in a row now.  If temps drop too fast, we could see some damage as plants have begun to deacclimate to the cold.
  We are tentatively scheduling our 2nd annual gardening workshop for March 17 from 3pm to about 6pm.  This year we will focus on greenhouse construction and usage.  We also hope to invite a speaker to talk about preserving some of those wonderful fruits and vegetables for the winter months.  Admission will be free and there will be door prizes, like last year.  We will announce the location as soon as it is confirmed.  Be sure to save the date and tell your neighbors!
  Another development coming soon will be a redesigned website for the farm.  This should add a little spice to our web presence and allow us to post more about what we are doing.  We may also join Facebook soon.
  The days are growing longer again - keep up the positive thoughts!  I'll leave you with an update on the two K-9s:

Well, at least one thinks they are buddies.

Sunrise with inverted mountain shadows.