Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall has arrived!

  After a rather cloudy and wet summer, the leaves are beginning to turn colors on the trees and grapevines around the farm.  Summer 2011 was fairly typical, with the farm accumulating just under 750 GDD(50F).  We received rain on a regular basis throughout June, July, and August and the plants really responded!
  Now,  as the days turn cooler everything is preparing for the long winter ahead. Several varieties of grapevines (including Golubok, above) are showing their fall colors already.  I am getting ready to pull up the carrots this weekend.  I have numerous other chores waiting for attention and am busy cleaning up and getting all my potted plants ready for winter.
  This summer was not as productive as I had hoped.  I did not get around to planting any of my potted grapevines.  Nor did I expand the vegetable portion of the farm.  I am, however, getting quite a few other plants in the ground before it freezes.  Moreover, I accumulated a few pieces of equipment that I hope will make work on the farm easier and quicker next summer, so I have more time to spend planting the grapevines.  I have decided that I will need to erect hoop houses over the grapevine rows in order to provide the amount of heat required to grow and ripen grapes.  I have included a picture of 'grapes' growing on a Sipaska vine (above).  Several are almost 1/4" (3mm) in diameter.  Unfortunately, they won't get much bigger as the heat of summer has passed.
  Even with our long summer days, there is only so much that can be done.
  I will continue selling produce from the farm into early October.  Vegetables are still going strong and it looks like I will have a pumpkin or two to sell, as well.

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