Sunday, June 1, 2014

What's blooming?

Walking around the farm today, I took some pics of a few things that are flowering or will in the next few days. The top is a Blue Belle honeyberry, which first started to flower last weekend (May 25th). The second is a Wilder red currant.  They usually ripen in mid-September.  And the bottom pic is of my oldest Adirondack Gold "Apricot", though many say it is a plum instead.  This has been a very hardy plant for me.

I also found a few flower buds just beginning to show on a few plants that overwintered, including Leon Millot grape, Tayberry, and Siskiyou blackberry.  The top is the very small bud on a Siskiyou and the second is on a Tayberry.  In each pic, the bud is in the center just above my finger nail among the leaves.

Looks like we'll have a few tasty berries besides raspberries to savor this summer!!!  Oh, and as usual we are seeing flower buds on our serviceberries that will open in a week or two.  We are starting to put together a "What's blooming?" page on our website that will track what is currently flowering - flowers and fruits.

  It's been a while since I posted a pic of the pups, so here is one of them chewing on rawhides.  Have to say, they get along pretty well!  They swap about every five minutes, or when Duke gets tired of his.

Good night, everyone.

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