Sunday, May 18, 2014

6th Annual Plant Sale

Starting this weekend we will be holding our annual plant sale at the gravel pit at Jennifer Drive and Murphy Dome Road (mile 1) from about 10 am to 7 pm.  We will be there the following days:

  Saturday (May 24th)
  Sunday (May 25th)
  Saturday (May 31st)
  Saturday (June 7th)

We have a limited window of time in which to clear our lot for planting, so we will be devoting one day each weekend to clearing the lot.  Hopefully, there will still be ample opportunity for everyone to come to the plant sale and get what they need.  If the schedule changes, it will be posted here.

We have a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers available this year, along with the usual Quinalt strawberries.  We will also have several potted peonies to sell.  A list of all seedlings will be posted by the end of this week - hopefully.

Prices will be the same as last year: mix-n-match 6 packs - $2.50, 3 inch pots - $1,00, strawberries -$1.50 each and peonies - $8.00 each.

Remember that for the 6-packs, you can choose to have all six of one variety or any combination of varieties in each 6-pack.  That way, if you don't want six of one item, you can combine with some of another variety to make the six.

As always, you are invited to peruse our website to see what we are up to.

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