Friday, May 23, 2014

Plant Sale variety list

2014 Spring Plant Sale variety list: Updated June 5th

small indicates seeds planted three weeks ago

Broccoli  - Packman
Cabbage – Golden Acre
Cauliflower – Snowball early
Tomatoes – Early Girl
Peppers – California Wonder 300
Spinach – Melody, space
Lettuce (small)– Grand Rapids (green leaf), romaine
Squash - small
Summer – Caserta (green)

Lobelia – white, purple, blue, mixed (sunburned, but just need TLC)
Baby’s breath – white
Alyssum - white - small
Sunflowers – Mammoth grey stripe, dwarf - small
Nasturtiums – dwarf, trailing, variegated, dwarf cherry rose – small

            May have some if a shipment of roots comes in Friday or Saturday.

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